China Glaze Nail Polish – Never Pay Full Price


So I have made a discovery…. Nail polish is brutally expensive.

No, this isn’t something new to me, but it’s still sad every time I realize it.

Aaaaaanyway.  My friend found an amazing colour on Pinterest called Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze (picture above: its fantastic, I know), and we were dying to find it.  No where in Ottawa seemed to have it – not even Trade Secrets.  We looked online but it was still around 10 bucks a bottle…… Then we found God.

Sally Beauty Supply Outlet sells bottles of China Glaze (new ones… not the old, taupe, metallic, awkward collections no one wanted) for 6.59!  This saves you like $4.00/bottle.

Moral of the story, the bus ride is worth it.

Stay sparkly, 



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