Oven Dried Strawberries


This recipe is from my most favourite time-waster, Pinterest.  I’m sure some of you Pinterest junkies have already found and tried this, so I’m going to share my take on it after some “experience”.

Use as many strawberries as you like, but keep in mind they shrink and seem a whole lot less substantial after they’re dried (I could probably eat 2 quarts easily).  Make sure they aren’t touching on the tray, but if you don’t leave too much space it isn’t a big deal.


Here’s what mine looked like on the tray.

Now some sites say to add salt and pepper.  To me, this is weird.  I didn’t put anything on because they are sweet enough when the sugars condense into the shrunken berries.  Definitely don’t use oil because they won’t stick at all.

I quartered my strawberries (as most sites with this oven-drying technique told me to do), but next time I would cut them horizontally, rather than vertically.  Making them more slice-like and thinner would help them dry out better.  The chewier the better with dried fruit, I’d say.

Preheat your over to 200 farenheit (not 215 like some sites say! Slow and steady wins the race).  Set a timer for 3 hours.  If it takes a little longer to get them chewy enough, no worries.  It isn’t crazy hot so they won’t burn.

Once they’re done in the oven, leave them out on the counter to dry a bit more (for an hour or so).

TAH DAH. Healthy, cheap and easy dried fruit.  No added junk.

Store in the fridge and enjoy whenever.

Obviously, they taste FAB with Nutella.

Stay sparkly, 



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