My name is Victoria, and welcome to A HINT OF SPARKLE. 

As a full-time university student, it is hard to stay healthy, trendy and sane on top of everything going on (and so little money coming in!).  I recently accomplished a near 40lb. weight loss, which has helped me to embrace all of the fabulous things life has to offer.  Being healthy and happy with myself has lead to a whole new Victoria, and I now allow myself to enjoy all of the clothes, trends, activities (and of course, snacks!) that I never had the will power or confidence to enjoy.

Needless to say, this new and fun lifestyle did not come along with an increased bank account, a personal chef, trainer or shopper.  So, as a self confessed cheap skate, I am here to share with you my own personal and thrifty ways of staying fun and fabulous on a dime.  From cheap date nights, to delicious, healthy and affordable recipes, to the best way to maximize your shopping budget, I’ll cover it all.

I am not a fitness guru, I am not a health nut, I am not a fashionista, and I am not a genius!  My lifestyle is truly and honestly just what I want to do.  My posts will come from an honest and reasonable place, without all that unrealistic mumbo jumbo exercise/recipe/shopping that is inaccessible to basically anyone without a personal assistant.

WARNING: Pink and Glitter will be a common occurrence 😉

Stay Sparkly, 



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